Unlimited WiFi, Flat Rate Worldwide

What is iRoaming Global 3G Wi-Fi Device

  • Versatile Global coverage (49 countries world wide), unlimited date bundle, connect up to 5 devices-phone, pad and laptop.
  • Hassle-Free Pocket size, no entangling subscriptions, no juggling SIMs, and no unlocking phones.
  • Cost Effective Renting price is AED 40/day, with the same low price in every country, never worry about data roaming costs.

How Much Does It Cost

  • Deposit AED 400 fully refundable deposit paid in advance or by cash upon delivery.
  • Rental Rate AED 40/day (24 hours). If a device is rented less than 24 hours, it is charged as one day (e.g., 56 rental hours=3 days).